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Friday, March 25, 2005

Anime - Please Teacher

Kusanagi Kei is a high school student in a near-future rural Japan. His backwater town is suddenly flooded with reports of strange lights, but only he knows the truth. Yes, there really was a UFO from outer space, and the alien who arrived in it happens to be his beautiful next-door neighbour and homeroom teacher, Kazami Mizuho. The two of them get caught up in circumstances that make it appear as if they are having a romantic affair - and Kei must marry Mizuho to protect her secret. So now he must learn to balance being married with being a high school student, difficult enough, except for the fact that Kei has secrets of his own.

Get it's torrent here. (left click)
Sumernya ada 13 episod. Dari episod 1 hingga akhir.. Anime ni antara yg hit di Jepun satu masa dahulu..


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